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Bishops (in charge) for San Joaquin since 2008


As a priest still “canonically resident” (even though ministering elsewhere in TECUSA) I am concerned and am prayerful for my place of ministry for 24 years.   As things change and transition within the diocese I will be updating this post.

As of the Convention of 2013, and then Installed in 2014, The diocese of San Joaquin Diocesan Convention has authorized the installation of another “Bishop with Provisional Authority”, this being their third since 2008 (first, +Jerry Lamb; second, +Chet Talton).    Then by resolution approved the Standing Committee’s choice of the Right Reverend David Rice.  Bishop Rice is an American, former Methodist pastor, who went to New Zealand, converted to Anglicanism, and eventually was elected a bishop in that Province.   He has been received into TECUSA from there.

As noted elsewhere, the Church is using a shortcut method of identifying the designation of this and other bishops to “Provisional Bishop.”    It might be more helpful due to the lack of awareness of the manner and role of these positions to simply appoint (perhaps even by the same process)  these bishops as Bishop-in-charge, or “interim bishop” and then provide the contractural language to describe the authority and the objectives.

That’s a fairly small technical point.   The dioceses with bishops so identified have greater issues, such as ongoing litigation to reclaim properties and assets, than what to correctly call their bishop.  Further, these particular dioceses, such as San Joaquin, have bishops who are working hard to help their flocks highly prioritize through vision and teaching the matters of evangelism and mission, so as not to be distracted almost completely by protracted litigation.

In any case, this will be interesting reading for those so inclined to follow the doings of the bishops in the American succession.

May God bless the diocese of San Joaquin as the find their path to being a gospel force for renewal in Christ and for the sake of the World.


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